Biogas is a type of biofuel that is naturally produced from the decomposition of organic waste. When organic matter, such as food scraps and animal waste, break down in an anaerobic environment (an environment absent of oxygen) they release a blend of gases, primarily methane and carbon dioxide. Because this decomposition happens in an anaerobic environment, the process of producing biogas is also known as anaerobic digestion.

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Waste management

Solid organic waste ranging from kitchen waste, manure and human waste is converted to biogas and fertiliser. Useful products are thus obtained from the waste and you no longer have to worry about disposing off organic waste. Hence even if you live offgrid you get to have your own efficient waste handling mechanism.

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The action of the microbial bacteria on the waste within the biodigester helps to make nutrients trapped within the waste to be easily accessible. Thus fully digested slurry is such a potent organic fertliser.

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OUR Services

SusEnergetica provides sustainable solutions to sanitation and energy challenges.

  • We provide smart biodigester systems to homes, farms, schools, and commercial buildings.
  • The biodigester is fed with organic waste which it which it in turn processes to give biogas, enhanced organic fertiliser or clean recovered water
  • We thus provide an efficient offgrid waste management solution.
  • We design customised biodigester systems based on the quality and quantity of waste you intend handle and your heating requirements.
  • We provide consulting services and technical support.

Our customers

SuS energetica deals with customers from all works of life and industry. We target offgrid customers who are not connected to the main sewer lines. We also target ongrid customers who are looking for an alternative way to locally manage their waste due to the ever declining efficiency of the refuse collection services by municipalities.


Most boarding schools in Zimbabwe are located relatively remote areas. As a result they face sanitation challenges. Currently some of them use blair toilets or septic tanks but these eventually fill up and have to be replaced or emptied at a cost. Biodigesters on the other hand have a longer service life of not less than 20 years.


Farmers are the most likely to benefit from biodigester solutions both as a cost saving mechanism and as a way to increase productivity. The fertiliser produced from the biogas will save on cost and inrease production. The biogas will cater for their heating energy requirements.


SuS energetica offers biodigester solutions that cater for small households in cities by managing their kitchen waste and biodigesters to manage human , livestock and kitchen waste for offgrid households.


With the ever increasing pressure on industry to adopt or incoorperate greener and more sustainable technologies in their operations. Biodigesters offer an excellent solution for offgrid management of their organic waste. The fertiliser can be used on other green projects such as gardens.

What Our Customers Says

At SuS-Energetica we want to give our clients the best service. Feel free to tell us on where you want us to improve or about how well you where handled. Rate you customer satisfaction through customer relations

"Biogas has changed my life for the better i now only take a few minutes to make my meal."


This is what we have been wanting all along. It saves our environment.


Still completing our first projects. Comments coming soon.